Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Hello everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who took part in Sunday's Twitterstorm. We had a great time and ended up trending for over 5 hours!!
We got to number 13 on the trend list with 3481 tweets!

We even had our new campaign mascot joining in. Meet Fred everyone:

(*these photos are copyrighted by Jessica Taylor so please don't use them without her permission xx)


I had a great response to the letterstorm idea. Thank you everyone. It's the only way to get their attention if lots of us do the same thing at the same time.

So here is week 1's letterstorm target:

Charlotte Moore

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, LONDON, 


She is in control of all programmes that are commissioned.

Please keep all letters polite and express why you love the show, how they would take 6 million viewers from ITV and how we would give them a huge amount of free publicity. Explain how important the role of the WI was in the war and how we, as a country, must never forget all that they did during the war.

I will put a post on the Facebook groups and when you've posted your letter, can you let us know on there, or on Twitter, so we have a rough idea of how many letters she'll be getting.
I'm going to send a jar of jam along with my letter, as that got us some good publicity at the beginning of the campaign, so if anyone wants to do the same, it'll make us more noticeable.

Thank you everyone!! xx


Can I just ask if any of you have any experience with video making?
We are having many ideas of how to kick start this campaign again and get us more publicity and it was mentioned that we have yet to really utilise You Tube (excluding this beautiful video of course:)

So we are thinking of putting something together to express why we love the show and try to get it seen on you tube.
If anyone has any ideas for this please let us know on our FB group: 

Maybe it could involve video clips from different fans? Clips from the show with text over the top.... ? 


Oh and we are now over 29,000!!!!
It's rising much slower than we would want, which is why we so badly need everyone to get the word out there as much as you can.
Please continue to get posters put up locally and try to get signatures offline. (Links for these downloads are in previous posts)

Let's keep moving onwards and upwards!! 


  1. Will get on it like that moustache on Bob! ����

  2. Kerryn,cant we twitterstorm the campaign song video,all flood twitter with it!