Tuesday, 31 May 2016

More Publicity!!! 

Good evening to all you lovely supporters! I've just re watched Home Fires on ITV Encore and it's made me even more determined to keep fighting to save our beloved show.

Luckily we still have bits in the press and on the radio, which will alert fans who don't know it's been axed.

I did an interview with the TV Times, and despite them only printing a very small amount, we at least have some more publicity. 


The lovely Jim Whelan, aka Thumbs in the show, also did a wonderful interview with Jeff Brazier, on BBC radio Sussex today. Hearing him speak so passionately about the show and so kindly about me, made me cry! It's not only us fans that love the show so dearly.

Listen here, from 2hrs 40 mins: 

Thank you so much Jim for great publicity for the campaign! xxx


The show was also mentioned in What's on TV magazine letter's page:

Thank you to Beth Monaghan! 


Our brilliant supporter, "Northern Lass on Twitter" has done an amazing job putting posters up today!

We've also got our lovely Julie Summers putting posters up, including outside her house! :

We also have Miss Shevlin, on Twitter, putting posters up!: 

So a big THANK YOU to everyone who have printed off the posters and are/will be having them displayed! It's a great way for people that aren't online to find out that the show has been axed.
Please try to get them up around your local area if you can!

Here is the link again to download the poster: 


If you haven't already, you could consider buying the Home Fires soundtrack too, as it's entered the classical chart at no.6! It would be another great way to gain more publicity if we can get it to no.1!! 

Well, that's all from me for tonight.
It's been another good day for the campaign!

Keep fighting boys and girls!! xxxxx


Monday, 30 May 2016


Hello everyone!!
Well we are nearing 27,000 now in just 3 weeks. Amazing.

We need that number to increase, so keep sharing the petition link and get those posters printed and displayed in as many places as you can.

See earlier posts for details on the petition, posters, printable petition and other bits of advice. 

We've decided to create an official campaign group on Facebook as well, so that supporters know where to go for official news and advice.
Please add any Facebook friends who love the show and want to help us get it recommissioned. 

Here's the link: 

Thank you all again for such amazing support. Let's continue to build this friendly, fun community we have started! 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Postal votes

Hello everyone! I hope as many of you as possible with be joining us for the Twitterstorm tonight. Details on my last blog post.

I have been asked if it's possible to print off petition pages to add to the online petition, for those who don't have internet access.
Sadly, the only way to sign the online petition is to have an email address.

To get around this problem, If anyone wants to collect names and addresses of people who want to sign, but don't have an email address, they are welcome to send them to me and I will collect these in a folder and keep a regular count of the signatures. Of course, these can't be added to the online petition, but I would then have a record of numbers and can share this 'offline total' on Twitter, to make channels aware that there is a large number of viewers who are not able to show their support online.

I can also accept a list of names and addresses by email, if anyone wants to collect names whilst at a group, fayre, church etc... and then email them to me, on their behalf.

Here is a download link for a petition sheet to use to collect the signatures:

Any questions you have please feel free to ask me on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section below.

Thank you to anyone who collects signatures for us!! 

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Hi everyone!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are having another twitterstorm, this Sunday, 29th May, at 9pm.

We need as many people as possible tweeting :


It's the only way we can get the campaign trending. The more people that use this hashtag, the more likely it is to trend. When things trend, more people see it and will click to see what it's all about. This will then hopefully get more supporters for the campaign and more importantly more signatures on the petition.

SO, if you are already on Twitter, pleaseeeee join in!! 

If you aren't on twitter, PLEASE consider signing up. It's so easy and any of us will give advice and help for anyone confused by it all. We really need to get the word out to people and the only way to do that is to have as many supporters talking about the same thing, in the same place at the same time! 

Please share this blog post and try to collect as many people as possible for Sunday night.

Thank you all again for amazing support so far!! Over 26,000 signatures now. 

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Hi everyone! Well last night we hit 25,000!!!!

Aren't these 'total update' pics amazing! Our lovely Jess Taylor (@loadofolbobbins on Twitter) designs these for the campaign. These are copyrighted though, so please don't use these on anything to sell, without discussing with Jess first.

25k is incredible in under 3 weeks but we want way more!! We need to get more viewers aware that Home Fires has been axed, as many people still don't know!

SO, this is where we need your help.

Jess Taylor has designed these brilliant posters and flyers for you to print out at home and get displayed around your local areas.

poster and flyer download here

Take them to your local tea rooms, cafes, village halls, churches, newsagents, age concern centres, antique/vintage shops, gift shops etc... and anywhere that will have them!
PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS OF THEM DISPLAYED so we can see how far the campaign has spread!

You could win this beautiful, limited edition print, made by  on Etsy, designed with the HOME FIRES campaign in mind. Thank you so much to Jane Houghton for such a great design.
To be in the draw to win, just post a photo of your poster displayed in a venue, onto Twitter (tagging me @monkeykezza and using the hashtag #savehomefirescomp), on the Facebook Home Fires groups or in the comments on this blog. Please tell us where in the world the poster is, so we can create a map of all the entries.  The more posters you put up, the more entries you get. 

The competition will close on Thursday, 30th June 2016, to give you all well over  a month to get the posters out there!
My decision is final and prize is not transferable. 


As ITV are very obviously not going to listen to their viewers, we now need to convince other channels to buy Home Fires. The BBC would obviously be the preferred option as it's most accessible to an audience, so we need your help again.
Please send jars of jam to the BBC, with messages attached telling them how important the show is to you and how they would have around 6 million viewers if they bought the show. They would also have a lot of free publicity on the back of a huge, worldwide campaign. Don't forget the show is watched in many countries over the world as well, so there is a wider reach than just the UK. 

Send to these people: 

To this address:

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, LONDON, W1A 1AA


Thank you all again for your constant support. Please share this blog link around so that as many supporters see it and can join in. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


So today I received the following letter from the CEO of ITV, Adam Crozier. I was not surprised by the response but it has made me even more determined to keep this campaign going. 

I wanted to lay out our plans going forward for all supporters to read and share, so we all know what we need to do and how we can keep the campaign in the public eye.

*Keep sharing the petition as we need loads more signatures to make a real statement*

*Keep tweeting and facebooking as much as possible. We need as many people as possible to hear about the campaign*

*I have someone working on a poster design for people to print out and display in local cafes, antique shops, gift shops, village halls and even local age concern centres.  I'll release the poster design when it's done*

*If ITV are still refusing to recommission the show then we need to make the decision to buy the show as appealing as possible to other channels. Keep reminding channels of how they would be getting an audience of around 6 million, as well as huge backing from an enthusiastic campaign*

*Keep sending jars of jam to ITV! Let's make them realise that we aren't going away quietly! ALWAYS be polite please!*

FAO Adam Cozier or Kevin Lygo.
ITV studios
The London Television Centre
                                                                      Upper Ground
                                                                          SE1 9LT

*We MAY be organising a friendly, fun 1940's themed protest in London. This is not a definite but anyone that would be interested in this then please make me aware on Facebook, Twitter or here*

*We need as much media coverage as possible. Can any of you contact local radio stations and newpapers? Local village magazines? Get the word out there, as many people are still unaware that ITV has axed it. Also keep sharing media articles that have already been printed*

Thank you all again for incredible support. Any ideas anyone has please contact me via the comments box below, my Twitter account, @monkeykezza or the Facebook groups. 

Keep the Home Fires burning boys and girls!!! 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Save Home Fires campaign

I felt it was time I wrote a blog post on the incredible reaction i've had to the #savehomefires petition I started just 2 weeks ago. Please forgive me if this isn't as eloquently written as I would want it to be, but my illness means I can't always think of the right words to say and fatigue affects how my brain works. It'll take me a long time to write this and i'll keep checking it reads ok, but if it's not perfect then that's ok as nor am I.

On that day, I was sat in a car and decided to have a quick peek at twitter whilst I waited for my dad to return to the car. It was then that I saw Dan Ryan and Clare Calbraith tweeting that Home Fires had been axed! 

I was in utter shock, as i'd not long watched the wonderful finale and presumed that with such a huge cliff hanger and so many stories left unfinished, that there would obviously be a 3rd series to look forward to. ITV were obviously not satisfied with 6 million viewers and beating BBC in viewing figures on 11 out of the 12 episodes. I was not only genuinely gutted but I was also really p'd off.
It was then that I went onto change.org and started a petition, thinking that I could maybe get other fans kicking up a bit of a fuss with me.
"The decision by ITV to cancel home fires is such a huge mistake! It was such a brilliantly acted and well written drama and has so much more potential. Series 2 was left on a cliff hanger! ITV must realise how brilliant a programme it was and that it's a terrible choice not to recommission it! To those at ITV in charge of commissioning, please change your minds and allow more series of one of your best dramas to be written!"

I honestly thought that i'd probably only get 100 signatures if that, but I thought it was worth the try. 

What happened next went beyond anything I could have imagined!! Within hours the total was going up by hundreds and people were retweeting it all over Twitter. Not only were fans retweeting the petition, but the writers, producers, cast and crew. I was utterly gobsmacked and spent the whole of that evening on Twitter watching my petition spread around the internet. 

In the following 2 weeks the campaign grew and grew. We've had Twitterstorms and have got #savehomefires trending. We've had media coverage, radio interviews and tons of social media coverage. The reaction i've had from people has been incredible and so many people are spending many hours working hard to get the campaign as well known as possible.

Here are links for all media we've had so far:

After the petition gained 20,000 signatures I printed off over 610 pages of names and hand delivered it to ITV studios in London.
Unfortunately the welcome was not very friendly and Adam Crozier's PA refused to come and collect the petition from me. I was directed to the deliveries building where I was told to leave it.

As things stand today, Monday, 23rd May, we've gained over 23,000 signatures and we are fighting hard to get much more than that. 
I've been utterly overwhelmed and hugely touched by incredible support i've had from fellow fans as well as all those lovely people who worked on our beloved Home Fires.

As i've been chronically ill for 14 years, tv has become an important part of my "social" life. It's what keeps me entertained, up to date and connected to the outside world, when my body isn't well enough to function normally. I'm mostly housebound and have been unable to work for 14 years. I had a very active, normal life before ME took that away from me.
I feel that I can't achieve very much in my life now. My body doesn't allow me to live the life that I used to dream of and i've fallen behind many of my peers who are having careers, marriages, families and busy, fulfilled lives. 
So this campaign has meant more to me than most people will realise. It's been something that has spiralled beyond anything I could have imagined and it's given me something to focus on. I never thought it would do as well as it is and it's given me a real sense of achievement.
I've spent a lot of time tweeting from my bed or settee, i've done a radio interview in bed wearing pjs, i've struggled and suffered being driven to London and back, but it's all been worth it. Yes it's caused me exhaustion and pain, but that's quite normal to me. The thing i'm choosing to focus on is the emotional benefit i've gained from it. It's given me some self esteem back, it's helping improve my very low confidence and it's showing me that even though I may not be able to do much of what I dream of doing, it is something I am able to achieve.
The internet isn't always a very friendly place but the way everyone who supports this campaign has been towards myself and others, has been truly heart warming. Friendships have been made, the camaraderie is uplifting and there is a real feeling that we are doing something special and worthwhile.
The way that the cast and crew have responded to us viewers has been not only exciting but really meaningful to us all. Social media has that wonderful way of providing an instant relationship between actors, actresses, singers, writers etc and their audience.. and has given them the opportunity to hear genuine feedback on their performances as well as us fans being able to share our respect and admiration for their wonderful storytelling.
Stories have always been important to human beings. We all need to have escapism, our imaginations widened and our minds inspired and I feel that the story of Home Fires was more important than just a tv show because of that. It not only told a really important part of British history but it also gave us really believable characters that viewers could grow to love and care about.

So this is why we'll all keep fighting for ITV (or another channel if ITV don't make the right decision) to recommission the show. The story deserves to be continued. It deserves to be completed and tied up. It deserves to finish telling the story that it was set out to do.
I can only thank every single person who has taken the time to sign my petition. Thank you to each and every one of you who have tweeted and shared posts on Facebook. Thank you to all who have sent jars of jam to ITV. Thank you to all who day after day make me smile because of what you are doing alongside me. Thank you to all who have said such kind things to me and made me cry with appreciation and genuine humbleness.
In true WI style, let's stick to what we believe in and fight these big corporations who presume to think they know best. 
Let's keep the Home Fires burning!!!