Friday, 9 September 2016

over 33,000!

Hello Homies! I'm sorry it's been such a long time since my last blog update. Chronic illness has meant I've not been able to keep up as well as i'd like to and I also was lucky enough to have a relaxing 2 weeks in heavenly Cornwall. 

I'm so grateful to those of you who have worked hard to keep the campaign going and to see the petition numbers continue to rise. 
I'm sure many of you know that our wonderful Jess Taylor had her letter printed as Star Letter in What's on TV magazine. From that day the petition numbers made a huge jump and within just 3 days we'd had over 1000 new signatures. That was amazing as we were averaging around 20 signatures a day. 


It just goes to show how one little things can have a huge impact, so please continue to write to magazines and newspapers etc... to try to keep the campaign in the public eye.


Press releases: Jess Taylor has been working hard behind the scenes on the press release, which she's been sending out to as many people as she can think of. Press release can be seen on our website here:

Do any of your keep a blog? Do you have family or friends who blog? If so can you do a post about the campaign or ask others to do one? Blogging is a very popular thing on social media now and it could really help get us some more publicity.
Thank you to you bloggers who have already shared a campaign post! It's very appreciated. xxx


Twitterstorms: We have been brainstorming with someone in marketing about the Twitterstorms, when to hold them, times that have the biggest audience, ways of trending etc...
We still desperately need more of you to help us with the Twitterstorms, so if you would like to help us, please do shout and we'll give you as much advice and help that you need.
Jess Taylor has shared posts on both Facebook groups about how to use Twitter and has included plenty of photos to show you what it all means!
We really would be over the moon to have more of you join in, as it'll mean we trend higher, which means more people will get to see the campaign.

We have a few "rules" for the posts, which makes the posts more likely to count towards the trends, so please have a little look: 


Women in film and television awards: Thank you to Jess for letting us know about this. We now only have until midnight on the 17th Sept to get our votes in, so can as many of you as possible vote for one of our Home Fires actresses? If we could get one of them winning, it would be a lovely way to give them thanks but also great publicity for the campaign!
Vote here:

WFAT awards


Amazon: Thank you to Patrick Erwin for tweeting me this article:

Amazon article

This really is something we could focus on as they are soon to be employing a commissioning executive in the UK and to invest in UK shows, so we need as many of you as possible to write to them by letter or email or even on their contact us form here:

Amazon contact us form

The address if you want to send snail mail is:

Amazon Studios, 60 Holborn Viaduct, Central London, EC1A 2FD

If we can get enough people contacting them, they MAY decide to look into considering Home Fires. We need to show them just how huge an audience the show has!


The second series will soon be aired in Australia and the US, so we are hoping that brings even more fans into the campaign, when they watch that awful cliffhanger and realise there is no more. I still can't believe we were left with this: 

How do they think that is ok??!!! Polly Hill and Kevin Lygo certainly have a lot to answer for! They made a huge mistake and i've been told that many in the business agree with us.

Let's keep the pressure on and continue to show just how much the show means to us!!