Friday, 24 June 2016


Hello everyone!
Thank you for all the positive messages i've received since my last post. I was having a bit of an emotional day and my feelings got the better of me.
I'm absolutely 100% determined to carry on anyway and we really want as many of you as possible to keep going with us.

This is why we would like to ask if anyone would be willing to help us with the small amount of costs we have accumulated since the start of the campaign.
There is by no means any pressure and I understand that some won't want to  and some won't be in a position to, so only offer to help us if you really are able to!

As sites like go fund me have fees and justgiving is just for charities (i think), the easiest way to collect cash is through my paypal account, sent as a gift, so no fees are paid.
It’s free to use PayPal to send or receive money between friends and family in the UK, as long as the payment is funded by a bank account, debit card or PayPal balance, and no currency conversion is involved.
If you fund the payment using a credit card, send money in a different currency or make an international transfer, we charge you, the sender, a small fee. A currency conversion fee may also apply.) 
I will give details of everything on this blog, so everyone is aware what the money has been used for and what donations we have had. If anyone wants to remain anonymous that's fine, just let me know.

So far the costs are :

*£30 Diesel used to drive the petition to London and back again. (nearly 100 miles) 
*£11.50 congestion charge.

I had free parking with my disabled badge.
I have covered the paper cost myself.
I was sent ink cartridges by the production team, so none of this needs covering.

We also have website costs which include the domain name (1 year, can be extended if need be) and the website hosting costs:

We also bought the limited edition WW2 style print as a competition prize for the poster campaign:

So the total so far is: £132.07.

Edited to add my email address for paypal which might help!! lol

There are other costs to come with things we have planned so we will need a bit more help than what i've already listed. We are doing all we can to keep costs down but if we can have some help from you guys it would be so appreciated.
Any donation, no matter how small, will really help us. xxx

I wanted to also say hello and thank you to all new readers! After I added an update to the petition, we had a spike in people signing the petition and had nearly 1000 views in one day on the website, so thank you!
We really need as many people as possible spreading the word of the campaign, so please keep sharing!

Sunday's twitterstorm will be going ahead as always! Again, we will be using a new hashtag, to increase the chance of it trending, so PLEASE DON'T USE THE NEW HASHTAG UNTIL SUNDAY NIGHT! 
For any new visitors who would like to take part but are not yet on Twitter, please consider joining up and helping us! It's very easy to use and any of us homies will help you anyway we can!

Let's all keep doing all we can to keep this campaign firing on all cylinders. xx

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