Thursday, 2 June 2016


Hi everyone!! I cannot shout this loud enough: 


The ONLY way we will keep this campaign going and get the publicity it badly needs is if as many Home Fires fans as possible join in with the campaign ideas that we are sharing.

There are so many of you on Twitter and Facebook groups who are all gutted and angry that it has been axed, but we need you all to help us.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to get the petition signed and shared. SO many people still have no idea the show has been cancelled. Many people won't have access to the internet so we REALLY REALLY need as many of you as possible to get the posters printed and displayed around your local areas. (see earlier posts for poster download). 


We also REALLY need as many of you as possible to print off the offline petition sheets and get as many signatures as possible. I can't add these to the online petition, as you need to have an email address to sign it, but I will be keeping an "offline tally" on my blog to alert ITV and other channels to.
Do you know any local age concern groups? Anyone have relatives in sheltered housing or retirement homes? Can you take petition sheets in and see how many Home Fires fans you can get?
(see previous posts for offline printable petition sheets). 


I know lots of you have written to ITV about your anger and disappointment to them axing the show, but THE BEST way for them or other channels to listen is if we all do the same things as a collective.
That's why we NEED as many of you as possible to join in the Twitterstorm this coming Sunday at 9pm. We know many of you aren't on Twitter but we are literally begging you to join up, even if it's just to help this campaign. The more people we have tweeting #savehomefires, the more likely it is to trend. Trending, for those who don't know about Twitter, is a list of the top 10 things most talked about on Twitter. For this to happen we need thousands of tweets all happening in a very short space of time. We trended on our first Twitterstorm and had over 4000 tweets. When #savehomefires appears on the trending list, people will click on it to see what it's about. This is how the word spreads and we alert more people who are unaware it's been axed.

So I can't emphasise this enough. If you are fully behind this campaign and you really want to help us save this show, PLEASEEEEEEE consider helping us on Twitter on Sunday night. I'm not saying that Twitter is "more important" than Facebook, but it is more public. It is something that has worked before. The signatures always increase after a Twitterstorm. So i'm down on my hands and knees begging you.

If you need any help then please ask. Many on the official save home fires campaign Facebook page are happy to help and guide you. 


Publicity. We need more of it. Badly!
The press love a gimmick. When people were sending jars of jam to ITV, the press jumped on it.

SO, we have a plan. We need AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE to join us in a photo sharing idea.
Can you take a photo of yourself (or your pet if you are not happy to share photos of yourself in public) with a jar of jam? If you can then add "I'm in a jam" and "#savehomefires"onto the image using any of the free photo editing apps on your phones or online. (I'm happy to add this for you, if you send me your photos, if you don't know how).
Then share it on Facebook and Twitter (using the hashtag #savehomefires)
You can then add messages with why you love Home Fires.
If enough people do this, then we can share like mad on social media and get the campaign noticed.


We are working on many ideas and will alert you all when anything new is organised.

As I said, we can't emphasise how important it is that we get your help. The only way this campaign will be successful is if enough people help us.
I'm in regular contact with people who work on the show and many people are being made aware of the campaign, so we MUST keep doing all we can to make a big, collective, noise!!

Please keep sharing this blog as well, as many people don't know about what's going on.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all who have helped us so amazingly so far!!

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