Tuesday, 31 May 2016

More Publicity!!! 

Good evening to all you lovely supporters! I've just re watched Home Fires on ITV Encore and it's made me even more determined to keep fighting to save our beloved show.

Luckily we still have bits in the press and on the radio, which will alert fans who don't know it's been axed.

I did an interview with the TV Times, and despite them only printing a very small amount, we at least have some more publicity. 


The lovely Jim Whelan, aka Thumbs in the show, also did a wonderful interview with Jeff Brazier, on BBC radio Sussex today. Hearing him speak so passionately about the show and so kindly about me, made me cry! It's not only us fans that love the show so dearly.

Listen here, from 2hrs 40 mins: 

Thank you so much Jim for great publicity for the campaign! xxx


The show was also mentioned in What's on TV magazine letter's page:

Thank you to Beth Monaghan! 


Our brilliant supporter, "Northern Lass on Twitter" has done an amazing job putting posters up today!

We've also got our lovely Julie Summers putting posters up, including outside her house! :

We also have Miss Shevlin, on Twitter, putting posters up!: 

So a big THANK YOU to everyone who have printed off the posters and are/will be having them displayed! It's a great way for people that aren't online to find out that the show has been axed.
Please try to get them up around your local area if you can!

Here is the link again to download the poster: 


If you haven't already, you could consider buying the Home Fires soundtrack too, as it's entered the classical chart at no.6! It would be another great way to gain more publicity if we can get it to no.1!! 

Well, that's all from me for tonight.
It's been another good day for the campaign!

Keep fighting boys and girls!! xxxxx


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