Sunday, 29 May 2016

Postal votes

Hello everyone! I hope as many of you as possible with be joining us for the Twitterstorm tonight. Details on my last blog post.

I have been asked if it's possible to print off petition pages to add to the online petition, for those who don't have internet access.
Sadly, the only way to sign the online petition is to have an email address.

To get around this problem, If anyone wants to collect names and addresses of people who want to sign, but don't have an email address, they are welcome to send them to me and I will collect these in a folder and keep a regular count of the signatures. Of course, these can't be added to the online petition, but I would then have a record of numbers and can share this 'offline total' on Twitter, to make channels aware that there is a large number of viewers who are not able to show their support online.

I can also accept a list of names and addresses by email, if anyone wants to collect names whilst at a group, fayre, church etc... and then email them to me, on their behalf.

Here is a download link for a petition sheet to use to collect the signatures:

Any questions you have please feel free to ask me on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section below.

Thank you to anyone who collects signatures for us!! 

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