Tuesday, 24 May 2016


So today I received the following letter from the CEO of ITV, Adam Crozier. I was not surprised by the response but it has made me even more determined to keep this campaign going. 

I wanted to lay out our plans going forward for all supporters to read and share, so we all know what we need to do and how we can keep the campaign in the public eye.

*Keep sharing the petition as we need loads more signatures to make a real statement*

*Keep tweeting and facebooking as much as possible. We need as many people as possible to hear about the campaign*

*I have someone working on a poster design for people to print out and display in local cafes, antique shops, gift shops, village halls and even local age concern centres.  I'll release the poster design when it's done*

*If ITV are still refusing to recommission the show then we need to make the decision to buy the show as appealing as possible to other channels. Keep reminding channels of how they would be getting an audience of around 6 million, as well as huge backing from an enthusiastic campaign*

*Keep sending jars of jam to ITV! Let's make them realise that we aren't going away quietly! ALWAYS be polite please!*

FAO Adam Cozier or Kevin Lygo.
ITV studios
The London Television Centre
                                                                      Upper Ground
                                                                          SE1 9LT

*We MAY be organising a friendly, fun 1940's themed protest in London. This is not a definite but anyone that would be interested in this then please make me aware on Facebook, Twitter or here*

*We need as much media coverage as possible. Can any of you contact local radio stations and newpapers? Local village magazines? Get the word out there, as many people are still unaware that ITV has axed it. Also keep sharing media articles that have already been printed*

Thank you all again for incredible support. Any ideas anyone has please contact me via the comments box below, my Twitter account, @monkeykezza or the Facebook groups. 

Keep the Home Fires burning boys and girls!!! 

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