Sunday, 12 June 2016


Not that long ago, I would have had no idea what a twitterstorm or a thunderclap was! lol I'm not quite "down with the kids" as I used to be and computer, techy stuff often confuses the hell out of me lol.
Since starting the SaveHomeFires campaign, i've become quite a "tweeter" and learnt how it all works.
I'm sure many of you feel the same! I know some of you have never been on Twitter before but thankfully decided to give it a go to help the campaign along and for that we are so grateful!

We hope to see even more newbies joining us tonight for the Twitterstorm.

If you are a tweeting virgin and would like to come along and help us to trend, then please see Jess Taylor's brilliant "beginner guide to Twitter" post on our savehomefires official campaign group on Facebook:  

We have decided to use a new hashtag for tonight's twitterstorm, which will give it more of a chance to trend, but PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS HASHTAG UNTIL 9PM TONIGHT!

Before 9pm continue to use #savehomefires. 
After 9pm use #teamhomefires

We are really excited that we'll get it trending again this week and hopefully get the petition seen by more people!
We also have the Thunderclap ending tonight and the tweets will coincide with the Twitterstorm, so that we have more posts all at once.

Please support if you haven't done so far: 

You can help on both Facebook and Twitter, so just press "support" on the link and give them authorisation to post on your behalf. (They don't use your details for anything and only post once on your wall).

Let's all make this the biggest Twitterstorm so far!! xxx


I just wanted to take the time again to say a huge THANK YOU to USA fan, Lorraine Ruth Rosenberg, for sending me such a wonderful Home Fires parcel! I am so touched by such kindness and thoughtfulness.
I just love my Pat doll! She will forever be a lovely reminder of the campaign and the friendships created around the world due to our beloved show!

I have no doubt that the cast and crew involved in Home Fires will be very moved to see how our community has grown and how many new friendships have been made because of the love for their show. It's just another reason why this is about so much more than just a tv show. There are so many awful things happening around the world, so anything that can encourage people to be nicer to each other and make friendships is worth everything in my eyes! 


Thank you to the lovely Bunbury village for their mention of the campaign on their village website!! We are so grateful and thankful! 


There has been a great response to the call for "letterstorm" volunteers and we are so grateful that so many of you want to help us.

I'll update this blog tomorrow with the details of the first recipient for our mass letterstorm and if you could all get your letters posted asap it would be really appreciated. Let's show other channels just how much we love the show and how we would all give them a huge amount of free publicity if they bought the show.


Just in case any of you haven't seen our wonderful new website, here is the link again: 

It's had many hundreds of views daily and the petition has increased since it went live, so please continue to spread the word and get more people reading it!


Anyway I wish you all a happy Sunday and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Twitter tonight xxxx


  1. Great blog Kerryn,apt and well put. I'm having my 'Twitter digits' massaged in readiness for tonight. Now if someone could do something with my brain......?, see ya later.

    1. Thank you xxx lol Me too Jim. I'm working on storing some tweet drafts for later! I'm hoping it's a good one xxx

  2. Thank you for the update, and what's an amazing parcel you received! Absolutely amazing and so well made.

    1. Isn't it just wonderful! All the little historical details are so lovely xx