Monday, 6 June 2016


Last night's twitterstorm was a great success! We were so happy to see so many new tweeters joining us and with over 4000 tweets it proved just how many of you were tweeting your bums off! lol
Thank you so much to everyone who took part and all you lovely newbies who really helped us trend. 

We are doing another Twitterstorm next Sunday night and we need it to be bigger and better.
We can only keep asking that anyone who hasn't joined in, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee join Twitter, even if it's just to help this campaign, and tweet like mad with us.

We've been looking into how Twitter works out the trending list and how best to get something trending:

► It has to have no foul language in it.
► It has to be popular with a lot of people in a short period of time—it has to “peak” in popularity.
► Total tweets AND the total number of people tweeting BOTH matter. But unless there are tweets from a lot of people—what Twitter calls “widespread popularity“—total tweets will NOT matter.

But that’s still not enough to become a trend! Even when a lot of people are tweeting about something, it won’t become a #TT unless it also meets one of these other criteria:
  1. It has to be a new topic that has never been popular before, or…
  2. It has to be a previously popular topic that has become popular with a new group of people.

So lots of tweets is not enough. And lots of people tweeting is not enough. A topic also has to be newly popular, or popular with a new group of people, as determined by Twitter’s automated algorithm

SO, as you can see, we really really need you all to help us. We need as many people as possible, especially as many NEW people as possible, all tweeting at the same time. 

We will also be releasing a new hashtag to use this coming Sunday, which will make it more likely to trend, but we'll share that nearer the time so we ensure that it's not used before the Twitterstorm.

I know some of you will think Twitter is too confusing to use, but I promise you it's very simple and you'll soon pick it up.
Here is a step by step guide to help you if you need: 


The only way this campaign can succeed is if we get loads more names on that petition and for that to happen, we need the help of all of you fans.

*Please print off a poster or two and get them displayed locally. If everyone just had 1 poster displayed it would alert so many more people to the fact that it's been cancelled. There is still a huge number of viewers that have no idea that ITV have axed the show, so we need to get the word out there!!

(see previous post for poster and flyers download). 

*We need more signatures and sadly not everyone will be online or even have an email account. We can't add names to the online petition without an email address, so we have a paper version for you to print off and collect signatures like that. Don't forget to take photos to show us where the posters are so we can add your name to the competition to win a limited edition 1940's style print.  (again, see previous posts for the petition download and competition details).
If you'd like to help collect names like this then maybe pop to your local age concern centre, your local church, a retirement home if you visit a family member or even at local events.
Please contact me on Facebook or Twitter for where to send the petition sheets to. 


So thank you for everything you've all done so far and keep trying to get that petition rising!

I'll update again soon with more news and info on next weeks Twitterstorm and the campaign. xx

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