Thursday, 9 June 2016


One of our wonderful "homies" Jessica Taylor has been working her little socks off for the past few weeks creating our very own campaign website and it looks utterly brilliant. I can't thank Jess enough for all the time, effort and love she has put into it.

Please have a visit and go and see why we all feel so strongly about the show and how well we've all done in such a short amount of time! 


We know that the production company have come to the end of the road in trying to have the show recommissioned, but we just cant give up so soon. It's only been a month and we feel we have so much more we can do. 

I was recently shown this article from the Daily Mirror: 

and as you can see, it mirrors everything that Home Fires is going through now. Fans did what we are doing now and eventually Amazon bought the rights.

They've had the same outcome with Foyle's war as well as shows in the US and Australia, so we know that fan pressure can work. It's what's giving us the impetus to carry on.

So again, i'm asking for as much help as possible from all of you that want to continue this campaign with us.
The biggest thing we need is more names on that petition. We need to show a channel that there are enough people angry about the axing of such a good show.


So if you can, can you please print off some posters and have them displayed locally? Take photos of them up and let me know via Facebook, Twitter or here, so we can see how far the word is getting out. There is also a prize to win for someone who puts a poster up (please click here for poster download and competition details: Poster competition ) 

Also print off petition sheets to collect offline signatures. We can't add them onto the online petition as people need an email address to sign it, but we can keep a record of how many offline names we have! Link here: petition sheet download


I'd like to get an idea of how many people would be willing to write a letter to some tv channels for a "mass letter storm"? We'd choose a channel and a person to target each week maybe and ask you all to get a letter sent asap, so they get them all within days of each other. This obviously would only work if we had a large number of fans joining in. So can anyone that would join in with this please let me know on FB, Twitter or in the comments below, so I can get an idea of numbers.
If the letters could be accompanied with a jar of jam then even better!! lol If we get enough people willing to help then i'll give more details soon. 


We again have a Twitterstorm on Sunday evening. As I explained in a previous post, we have looked into how to get things trending and the only way to do it is to have as many people as possible joining in, especially new tweeters, and all using a new hashtag.
SO this Sunday we will be using the #teamhomefires hashtag instead, but to make sure it has the biggest impact on the night, we really need you NOT to use this until the twitterstorm.
Until then continue to use #savehomefires and we'll remind you all nearer the time to use #teamhomefires.
Anyone new to Twitter who wants to help us on Sunday, please give any of us a shout on the FB group and we'll help you as much as we can, although it is very easy to pick up!


I'll leave you all with this, as it was so beautifully put together and it'll remind you of just why you love Home Fires.