Thursday, 26 May 2016


Hi everyone! Well last night we hit 25,000!!!!

Aren't these 'total update' pics amazing! Our lovely Jess Taylor (@loadofolbobbins on Twitter) designs these for the campaign. These are copyrighted though, so please don't use these on anything to sell, without discussing with Jess first.

25k is incredible in under 3 weeks but we want way more!! We need to get more viewers aware that Home Fires has been axed, as many people still don't know!

SO, this is where we need your help.

Jess Taylor has designed these brilliant posters and flyers for you to print out at home and get displayed around your local areas.

poster and flyer download here

Take them to your local tea rooms, cafes, village halls, churches, newsagents, age concern centres, antique/vintage shops, gift shops etc... and anywhere that will have them!
PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS OF THEM DISPLAYED so we can see how far the campaign has spread!

You could win this beautiful, limited edition print, made by  on Etsy, designed with the HOME FIRES campaign in mind. Thank you so much to Jane Houghton for such a great design.
To be in the draw to win, just post a photo of your poster displayed in a venue, onto Twitter (tagging me @monkeykezza and using the hashtag #savehomefirescomp), on the Facebook Home Fires groups or in the comments on this blog. Please tell us where in the world the poster is, so we can create a map of all the entries.  The more posters you put up, the more entries you get. 

The competition will close on Thursday, 30th June 2016, to give you all well over  a month to get the posters out there!
My decision is final and prize is not transferable. 


As ITV are very obviously not going to listen to their viewers, we now need to convince other channels to buy Home Fires. The BBC would obviously be the preferred option as it's most accessible to an audience, so we need your help again.
Please send jars of jam to the BBC, with messages attached telling them how important the show is to you and how they would have around 6 million viewers if they bought the show. They would also have a lot of free publicity on the back of a huge, worldwide campaign. Don't forget the show is watched in many countries over the world as well, so there is a wider reach than just the UK. 

Send to these people: 

To this address:

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, LONDON, W1A 1AA


Thank you all again for your constant support. Please share this blog link around so that as many supporters see it and can join in. 

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